Michael Pietrzak is the owner and founder of Top Notch Carpentry & Remodeling and master carpenter with over 25 years of experience in home building and home remodeling. Michael's training and experience accrued over the 11 year period prior to going into business as Top Notch Carpentry & Remodeling is the foundation upon which a successful career and business has been built.

Michael began his journey in the construction field in 1986 working as a carpenters apprentice with an up and coming firm building custom homes. This was an excellent opportunity for Michael to learn and hone the skills involved in the construction of new homes from the foundation to the finish. Michael was a natural and quickly excelled within the company which was expanding and soon became one of the lead carpenters within the firm after a few short years. Remaining with this firm for a period of 7 years Michael continued to hone his skills in the areas of project management, framing, roofing, siding, finish work, deck building and window and door installation. During his tenure with the firm Michael had the privilege of being a part of the construction and renovation of many beautiful homes throughout Connecticut and New York, some of which received awards and accredits published in well known home and building publications.    

Being a master in siding and trim work as well as an experienced roofer Michael later served in a position as a working manager with a midsized roofing and siding firm which allowed him to further hone his skills and knowledge of the roofing trade, which is a trade that requires the ability to assess and adapt to the various types of roof design configurations used in the construction of homes. Always looking to improve his skills and knowledge Michael learned a great deal during his time with this firm working shoulder to shoulder with the company owner who was a master roofer of over 30 years at the time, primarily within the realm of roofing and the proper flashing of chimneys, valleys, crickets, dormers and walls. The results of this experience is that Top Notch Carpentry & Remodeling has done a quite a bit of roofing work over the years and we do it the right way, without leaks! 

Michael furthered his education in the area of fine finish work and cabinetry building and installation while serving as an installation contractor providing the installation of kitchens and custom woodwork packages for Colonial Woodworking a well established woodworking firm based in Norwalk, CT. Taking advantage of the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with seasoned veteran finish workers Michael learned skills and techniques passed down through generations of carpenters and woodworkers. These skills and techniques coupled with Michael's natural ability and prior experience now combined allow Top Notch Carpentry & Remodeling to provide premium quality finish work including kitchen installations and reconfigurations, libraries, bathroom remodels, built in cabinetry, custom woodwork and molding packages of all types. 

Michael appreciates the mentors who have helped him along his journey and maintains positive relationships with them to this day, still confiding in them from time to time taking advantage of the years of experience that has been amassed.